Character and Integrity….

Character is who we are. Character in life is what makes people believe in you and believe in what you can do for them as well as believe in themselves. It is the basis of establishing relationships and is essential both for individual success and for our society to function successfully. Society is based on the cooperation of a collection of individuals and each individual must do his or her part every day by living a life full of integrity. Integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness. The more we pay attention to our character and integrity the more successful we will beat developing and sustaining relationships.

Integrity is adhering to a moral code of honesty, courage, strength and truthfulness—being true to your word and true to yourself as well. When you don’t exhibit integrity, other people get hurt. But you hurt yourself even more, because when you think about it, hurting someone else is really hurting you. When you cheat, your “success” is false, and it is not sustainable. When you break a promise, you are showing that your word is meaningless. When you lie, you deceive others and lose their respect. When you lose respect, the relationship sours and the mentoring, coaching, or business relationship starts to unravel and dissolve. All of those examples destroy your reputation and break the trust others have in you. Without your good reputation and trustworthiness, your relationships fail. And often we reflect and ask ourselves, “Why?” You need to be believable and of the utmost character, I have said this many times, and those of you who know me well will be saying, “Here we go again.” I learned early in life to be honest, but not because I was striving for honesty—you see, my memory just isn’t that good. So when I fabricate a story, I can never remember what story I fabricated and just who I might have told it to. So I quickly learned to tell the truth, figuring that that way I won’t get caught in a lie and accidentally hurt my character rating with any of my associates. Many times I have heard the expression” you only have one time to make a first impression”, I would add to that by saying it only takes one time to ruin your credibility. Job to job, relationship to relationship be worried about your character as once it is tarnished it takes a huge effort to restore it.