People don’t come to work to do a bad job

learnandleadI remember very well a conversation I had with my daughter when she took a role in Human Resources.  I told her, to remember one thing about people; most people do not want to do a bad job.  Nobody likes feeling like they are incompetent or just can’t cut it…. Keep that in mind because it has always served me well.

Now don’t get me wrong.  There are evil folks.  Folks that are totally incompetent and couldn’t find their way out of a paper bag but usually we see that with their first days on the job.  Hopefully as good managers and leaders of our organizations we have all made sure that those folks don’t work in our organizations any more.   I know of no one who gets up in the morning and says, “I can’t wait until I can jam up that copy machine”.  No one who says, ‘I can’t wait to run a bunch of scrap on that machining center”.  I know of no one who looks forward to facing that irate customer because someone in the office or plant screwed something up.

People want to do a good job….they want to go home at night and put their feet up and say to their spouse, “Whew, I worked hard today and I feel good about contributing”

But often times they can’t because we as the leaders and managers of our organization don’t give our people the proper training, support and resources to do a good job. It’s not about the employee wanting to screw things up, its because we haven’t taken the time to understand the process and what prevents are employees from doing a great job… one that they’ll be proud of as their easing into their chair at night and putting their feet up on the ottoman.

So the next time you say “that Joe is a total screw up”.  Maybe you should look in the mirror and determine did you do your best to make sure that your people are successful? Did I give my folks all the resources and tools today to make them successful? If you didn’t maybe the problem is you….